Maze Rumors – Friday Fictioneers

 Maze Rumors Phillip clutched the sealed envelope, his summons to complete the maze. Except for the fog swirling around, it was a straight shot. "You do so at your peril," said one. "You'll disappear," rumored another. None of this tiptoeing through the garden tulips. He ran for it; grubby, little hands snatched at his ankles, and they … Continue reading Maze Rumors – Friday Fictioneers

Tessa is a Messa

A light tap on her shoulder and a blowing in her ear brought Tessa back to reality. It was Joelle Robbins, her smooth customer of a roommate. Tessa liked to think of her as her sidekick in times of desperation. Really, she was her savior, and today was no exception. “What’s this?” Joelle grabbed the … Continue reading Tessa is a Messa

A Slice of Awkward Just for You

There's no mistaking it when Awkward is in the room. Take this work retreat where employees were asked how they felt about their jobs, followed by a request that they express their feelings in movement, in physical terms. En masse, the group converged in a corner to signify that they felt threatened, with a few … Continue reading A Slice of Awkward Just for You

Don’t Let It Pass You By

I imagine that if I got together at a party with my blogging friends in the real dimension, we would have a blast and all be fast friends. We would hit it off immediately with laughter and tears of joys. There would be no hang ups, no jealousies, no judgments, no cliques, as we already … Continue reading Don’t Let It Pass You By