Write to the Death – Friday Fictioneers

Samantha whistled at her feet. Boring.

Samantha’s warm visage emboldened her to take broad steps across the street like nobody’s business. Whatever does that mean?

Why Samantha? Sabrina? Sarina? Must it start with a “s”? How about Carina?

Carina traveled, strode…no, glided effortlessly…wandered?…no…sauntered…

Oh, look.  A bill I need to pay. Hey, there’s my lotion. (Lathers copious amounts on body).

Carina careened into a car… no, a bus!…her broad steps diverted, her short journey across the street made shortercurtailed…flattened, her warm visage decidedly blue.

Poor Carina. Already dead. My character didn’t even make it across the street.


Genre: Humor (100 words)

Copyright:  Jan Wayne Fields


I’ve attempted to create a piece that is awkward and forced, in which the writer is feeling a bit of a block. I guess Carina was simply not meant to be.

Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting Friday Fictioneers, and to Jan Wayne Fields for the photo. If you want to try this 100-word challenge, please join in!

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